29R - Nothing but blue skies...


While drinking (responsibly) this weekend, I came across a wonderfully inspirational item. I was sipping on the delicious Full Sail - LTD 02 beer. After removing the bottle cap, on the underside of the cap, I noticed that “LIVE THE DREAM” was printed. Such a prodding inspirational directive while sipping on a delicious brew is quite wonderful in and of itself, however it got me to thinking for a quick second. Now that I have started flying, I am working my way towards living my dream. Of course that is the entire reason I started flying, but to realize in clear moment, that I am truly working towards living a dream that I have had since I was scarcely 3 feet tall, is great. It really made me feel good about what I am doing. Living the dream is something that people often talk about, but mostly talk about how they wish they were doing it, not how they are doing it, or are working towards doing it. So to realize that I’m working towards living my dream makes me feel pretty good.

Here is where I have to give huge thanks to my wonderful wife. Without her support in this, I wouldn’t be working towards this right now. The time it takes to learn how to fly, coupled with working my current job, really takes away from the time I have to do other things. The time commitment is a big thing right there. The other really big thing is money. Flying is not cheap. Let me say that again. Flying is not cheap. (I’ll write and post more about that someday.) So even though I am still working, the amount of money required to fly is ridiculous. Her decision to support me working (and spending) my way towards living my dream is a huge commitment by her. I’m sure it’s hard enough living with me normally, but the extra pressures that this kind of thing puts on a relationship is no fun. But she’s great and I can’t thank her enough for supporting me.



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